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Not all insurance agencies are created equal. At Horan Companies, we listen to our clients and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what they value most in business and in life.
Steve Ladd

Steve Ladd
COO, Senior Commercial Agent


Get to know Steve!
Where are you from? “I was born in Syracuse and grew up in Baldwinsville.”
Have you lived anywhere else? “Yes, in my twenties I lived in New Jersey, Boston, & Orlando, FL. and eventually to Atlanta before moving home.”
Do you have a favorite hobby? “Skateboarding – though I’m not very good!”
Beach or Mountains? “Beach!”
Favorite Drink? “The Hustler. It’s a muddled jalapeno margarita that Otro Cinco makes in Syracuse. So good and spicy!”
What’s something else that people might not know? “I’m a pretty decent painter (of walls not art!).”
Sandy  Lamb

Sandy Lamb
New Policy Liaison


Get to know Sandy!
What’s your favorite food? “Definitely Italian.”
What did you do before joining Horan? “I was a teaching assistant at Baker High School here in Baldwinsville.”
Do you have a favorite hobby? “Golf”
What’s your handicap? “A lot!”
Beer or Wine? “Wine – but I’d prefer Jack Daniels!!”
What’s something people might not know? “I was born and raised in Southern Illinois.”
Michele Scott

Michele Scott
New Policy Liaison


Where did you grow up?
Baldwinsville born and raised!
If you could develop a new talent, what would it be?
I love music, so to sing on key or play a musical instrument would be great.
Who is your favorite celebrity?
Gordon Ramsey
Do you have a favorite hobby?
Many artistic projects – woodworking, epoxy resin, baking
Food: Spicy or Sweet?
Depends on the mood, love both
What’s something people might not know?
I loved being a restaurant cook so much that I wanted to be on Hell’s Kitchen.
Sean Becker

Sean Becker


Get to know Sean!
What was your 1st job as a kid? “McDonalds”
Do you have a favorite hobby? “Woodworking”
Favorite vacation spot? “Florida”
Books in hand or books on tape? “Definitely book in hand”
What’s something people might not know? “I have a twin sister!”
Jeremy  Wood

Jeremy Wood
Team Member

Get to know Jeremy!
Where are you from, originally? – “I’m originally from Fulton, NY and I still live there today.”
How do you take your coffee? – “Cream & sugar”
Any favorite hobbies? – “In my spare time I enjoy playing cornhole, fishing, kayaking, playing outside with my kids, and grilling.”
Would you rather play a sport or watch it? – “I would rather play but I enjoy watching sports as well.”
Pick-up or Convertible? – “I own neither but I would prefer a pick-up for the convenience of hauling things from place to place.”
What’s something else people might not know? – “I’m a father of twins, Benjamin (Ben) & Isabella (Bella).”