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Are Acts of Terror or War covered on home and auto policies?

By November 13, 2017March 10th, 2022Homeowners Insurance, Personal Insurance
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March 10, 2022, ***Update*** Based upon current events, articles like these have become very popular. We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance agent with additional questions that are not answered here. 


War Insurance?

An act of terror. An act of war. They are not the same. One will be insured while the other will not.

If you have a homeowners or auto insurance policy or any other sort of insurance policy that protects your property, if an act of war were to occur within the United States causing damage to any of your things, then you would not be covered.

Acts of war are not at all included in a home or auto insurance policy. Anything caused via that particular action would have no level of protection for you directly. The only thing that might be similar that you would be protected for would be an act of terrorism. Terrorist attacks, as they apply to a home or auto policy or any other sort of personal property policy that you have, would in fact be covered up to the limits of your policy provided that whatever it was that occurred was the type of loss that you would be insured for on the policy.

For example, if there was a fire or an explosion as a result of an act of terrorism, you would likely be covered because your home policy is going to protect you for those perils. That’s how terrorism and war coverage work and don’t work as it applies to acts of war.

Comment below if you have found a company that provide war insurance. It would be interesting to read the language!