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10 Discounts That Can Lower Your Car Insurance Rates - Young Child Dropping a Coin into a Mason Jar that is Labeled Family VacationCar InsurancePersonal Insurance

10 Discounts That Can Lower Your Car Insurance Rates

If you’re paying too much for your car insurance, you may be missing out on some valuable discounts that could lower your premium and save you money. But finding and applying these discounts can be tricky and confusing. We understand that car insurance can be a significant expense for many drivers, and we want to help you find the best coverage at affordable rates. That’s why we compiled this info, to provide ways you can secure discounts that can lower your premium and reward you for being a safe driver and loyal policyholder. You may encounter difficulty finding the best…
CNY driving instructor holds a clipboard during a session with a teen student driver.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

How to Reduce Insurance Costs When Adding a Teen Driver to Your Policy

If you’re the parent of a newly permitted or licensed teen in Central New York, you’re aware of the high cost of car insurance for young drivers. Teenagers are typically charged higher rates than older drivers because they’re seen as more inexperienced and risky by insurers. The higher premiums are how insurers offset the risk. But this can make car insurance unaffordable or burdensome for many young drivers and their families. We understand how frustrating and stressful it can be to pay high car insurance rates for young drivers. You want to protect your loved ones and give them the…
Two vehicles involved in an accident rest on a county route in Central New York. Both drivers have standard deductibles on their policies.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

How Auto Insurance Deductibles Work in New York State

If you’re a New York resident and aren’t educated about deductibles, you’re at risk of paying too much out of pocket for car insurance claims. This can happen if you choose a high deductible, have a loan or lease that limits your deductible options, or have a personal injury protection (PIP) deductible you’re unaware of. Don’t let high deductibles ruin your car insurance experience. Many New York State policyholders lack clarity and understanding about car insurance deductibles. But deductibles are a crucial part of any auto policy, as they affect how much you’ll pay in case of a claim. However,…
A CNY dad passing the car keys to his newly licensed teenCar InsurancePersonal Insurance

Car Insurance For Your Teen Driver: What Every CNY Parent Needs to Know

If you have a newly licensed teen driver in the family or a teenager about to get their driver’s license, you might be feeling a mix of emotions. You’re proud of their achievement but also worried about their safety and the cost of insuring them. Getting your teenager ready to drive can be a stressful and expensive process. You want them to be safe and responsible, but you also don’t want to pay a fortune for their car insurance. We understand what you’re going through. We’ve helped many CNY parents like you navigate the complex and confusing world of car…
A Central New York driver rents a car without hassle thanks to rental car reimbursement coverage.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage: What It Is and Why You Need It

As a policyholder in Central New York, you may face uncertainty and confusion about getting a rental car after an accident. Depending on who caused the accident and what kind of insurance coverage each party has, you may have to deal with different scenarios and outcomes. For instance, you may have to use your own insurance, pay out of pocket, or take legal action to get reimbursed for a rental car. You may also have to choose a rental car that meets your transportation needs and fits your budget. These decisions can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you’re already…
A roadside service tech changes a tire on the car of a thankful CNY resident.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

The Benefits of Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Car Insurance Policy

When you’re on the road, you never know when you might encounter a problem with your vehicle. Whether it is a flat tire, a dead battery, or a lockout, you need someone to help you get back on track. That’s why many drivers add roadside assistance to their car insurance. Roadside assistance is a service that provides gas or oil delivery, emergency jumpstarts, towing, or other automotive support in case of a breakdown or emergency. We know how frustrating and scary it can be to face a vehicle problem during a trip, especially when you have other people depending on…
An uninsured driver crashes into another vehicle on a CNY county route.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Understanding Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

You’re doing the limit while slicing through Lakeland along Interstate 690 East toward Syracuse. The day is cool and clear, and traffic is sparse for the most part. You say to yourself, “I’ll make my appointment with time to spare.” But before you could finish the thought, a jalopy from the mid-90s tries to cough past you in the left lane, and the struggle results in a blowout that shoots tire shreds across your hood and sends the nose of the jalopy careening into your C-pillar. You spin out of control and grind the guardrail until you stop short of…
A totaled car on the street in Central New York.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Comprehensive vs. Collision Insurance: What’s the Difference?

If you own a car in Central New York, you know how expensive it can be to repair or replace it after an accident or other damage. That’s why you need to have the right insurance coverage to protect your vehicle and your wallet.  But do you know the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage? And do you know which one you need for a given situation? Both comprehensive and collision coverage help pay for vehicle repairs and replacement. But the two types of coverage have their differences. Knowing those differences and the essential functions of these policy components will…
May 1, 2023
Abandoned helmet of a bodily injury accident victim in Central New York.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

What is Bodily Injury Coverage?

Debra is on a busy stretch of I-81 near Syracuse during rush hour. The sun is low, casting its golden beams all across the highway. While Debra hugs a curve, the sunlight shifts, momentarily blinding her, and she suddenly loses control of her car.  Debra crashes into another vehicle, causing serious injuries to the driver and passengers. She’s also hurt, but not as badly as them. She feels guilty and scared.  What will happen next? Who will pay for the medical bills, the lost wages, the funeral expenses, and the emotional trauma of the victims? How will she afford to…
April 27, 2023
Two CNY cars were involved in an auto accident. Property damage liability coverage pays for damage caused to the victim’s vehicle.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

What Does Property Damage Liability Cover?

It’s a beautiful spring day in Clay, New York. Dave is behind the wheel, cruising toward Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy new kayaking gear. As he approaches a busy intersection, his phone suddenly rings, pulling his attention away from the road for a split second. That’s when it happens. Before Dave knows it, he is inadvertently colliding with a gleaming BMW making a turn across his lane. Dave is shaken but uninjured. He looks left and immediately sees the damage the BMW took. But he isn’t worried. This is precisely where property damage liability (or PD) comes to the rescue.…
April 21, 2023
A CNY insurance agent fills out an auto insurance form for a prospective policyholder.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

What Information Do I Need for an Auto Insurance Quote?

When requesting an auto insurance quote, you will be asked to provide a few pieces of personal information. This is straightforward if you live alone and have one vehicle, but if there are other drivers and vehicles in your household, you’ll first want to gather all their info in addition to yours. We know that getting an auto insurance quote can feel like a game of 20 Questions or the first visit to a new doctor, where you’re asked for a ton of personal information before you get a diagnosis. But don’t worry. Your weight and cholesterol levels are no…
April 7, 2023
Using your personal vehicle for work? You may have an insurance problem.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Avoiding Coverage Gaps: Tips for Properly Insuring Your Personal Vehicle Use for Work

Do you work for an employer or own a business but drive your personal vehicle for the company? Sounds like a simple question on the face of it, but many drivers don’t think much about their vehicle use until the worst happens: getting in an accident while driving your personal vehicle for work. If you commute to your job at a Cicero shopping complex daily and park for hours before going to lunch and then home, you’re fine. Or you might be a remote worker who stays home on a laptop most of the day and runs out once in…
March 13, 2023
An insurance agent explains auto liability coverage limits to a CNY resident.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Auto Liability Coverage Limits Explained

Many Central New Yorkers purchase insurance policies without a second thought. Because of that, they don’t fully understand some of the policy details involved. One of those details is an auto policy’s liability coverage limits. You can think of coverage limits like a ceiling. Insurance carriers pay out sums no higher than those figures to cover damages you have caused (such as up to $100,000 to another driver who suffers bodily injury during a crash, if that’s your policy limit). If you don’t have enough liability coverage, an auto accident may cost far more than you can afford. That’s why…
January 24, 2023
Blog - Teen Driver Smiling Behind The WheelCar InsurancePersonal Insurance

When should you insure your teenaged driver?

Having a new 16-year-old is a big deal for parents. It’s also a big deal for your car insurance company. Leading up to the time that your son or daughter turns sixteen it’s a good idea to begin laying the groundwork for some important changes to your insurance. Insurance rates for teen drivers are considerably more expensive than the rates you’ve been accustomed to as the parent. Forecasting what the changes might look like will help you become better prepared for their successful road-test. Things to consider Does my teen want to get licensed? Once a license is issued for…
February 10, 2022
Why Cheap Car Insurance Is So ExpensiveCar InsurancePersonal Insurance

Why Cheap Car Insurance Is So Expensive

Do you ever find yourself looking for ways to trim your monthly expenses? Perhaps the XM subscription could go, or maybe the cable is finally up for consideration (that home phone line went bye-bye years ago). Or maybe, that money-sucking-always-increasing-car-insurance-policy could use a scalpel. Tempting? Sure. But, before you throw it on your table and go all Dexter Morgan with it, you’d be wise to familiarize yourself with the basics behind all those big numbers. Before we go down that rabbit hole, there’s a secret I’m going to let you in on. Your car insurance rate has much more to…
February 4, 2022
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

DON’T Break Glass in Case of Emergency!

Don't Break Glass in Case of Emergency! The sound of the car door closing behind you rings in your head, and then it happens. Keys!! You turn and peer into the window, and there they are. Sitting like orphans on the front seat, or hanging from the ignition. Your brain goes through rapid fire scenarios and possibilities as to how you'll resolve this. Do you: Call someone at home to bring a spare key? Use your roadside assistance plan? Call a locksmith? Grab a wire hanger? or.... Bust the window!? If you have comprehensive insurance coverage with a zero dollar…
February 6, 2018
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

New York Rules that Auto Insurance Rates Can’t be Based on Driver’s Level of Education

Could New York auto insurance rates get smarter? The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) has finalized a regulation aimed to protect New York drivers from being unfairly discriminated against. The regulation centers around insurance carriers that were using a driver's level of education or occupation data when determining an auto insurance rate. After a multi-year investigation, the DFS came to a couple conclusions. Education played no role in determining whether someone was a better driver. The risk of loss was not higher regardless of a G.E.D. or a PhD. The DFS has given insurance carriers 180 days to…
January 25, 2018
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

If my car is stolen, what happens?

Question 84 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series! Hopefully a stolen car is not something that you will ever have to experience. However, in the event your car is stolen, but later recovered what do you think might happen to it? How does it work with your insurance company? Watch this brief video to learn more.
October 29, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

What insurance gaps exist when driving for Uber or Lyft?

Driving for Uber or Lyft in New York State? Thinking about driving for Uber or Lyft in New York State (specifically central and upstate)? Ride-sharing is an exploding industry which has taken the use of modern technology and made it simple to book a ride with just a couple of clicks on your Smartphone. It's also become another way for people to earn some extra money. If you own a car, can meet some basic background requirements, and are over 18, then you can apply to become a driver. Then, just wait for someone to book a ride with…
October 24, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to an unregistered vehicle?

Question 66 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series! If you have ever taken a car off the road, something quite common here in the Greater Syracuse area, and not considered how it would be covered if it were to be damaged in a fire, well now's your chance! Take a look at the brief video to see how you can make sure that your car is insured when it's off the road.
October 11, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Can one spouse be liable to the other in a car accident?

Question #61 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series! There is a little known limit of coverage that one can add to an auto policy in New York. It is called supplemental spousal liability coverage. It essentially allows a spouse to sue the other spouse for bodily injury they sustain as a result of an at-fault accident committed by the other spouse. Watch this brief video for more information.
October 6, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Can a DUI get me cancelled?

Question #60 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series! In New York State your insurance company has every ability to walk away from your policy if you should be convicted of DUI. If you are not cancelled right away then a non-renewal is almost a guarantee. See this short video for more information.
October 5, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

What is Underinsured Motorists Coverage?

Question 49 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series Uninsured motorist coverage is one of the least expensive portions of a New York auto insurance policy. It protects you from those driving around our state with very limited liability coverage and no money to go after, If you have not looked at your coverage in a while, now's a good time. If you're not sure about this valuable protection, watch this brief video!
September 25, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

What does Gap Insurance do?

Question 46 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series If you've ever financed a vehicle and suffered a total loss early on in the loan, you might have been upside down. Okay not literally, but you might have had no car, and $3,000 bill left to pay to the bank. Insurance carriers do not base their decisions upon the balance we owe to the bank, but rather the vehicle's current market value. Gap insurance will assist in this area. Watch the video to see more.
September 21, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

New York Defensive Driver Course; is it worth it?

Question 32 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series When deciding whether or not to take the defensive driver course in New York State when trying to save extra money on your auto insurance. You'd be wise to consider the information in this short video. It's not all that it seems and you could be doing yourself a disservice if your savings is MORE than it is supposed to be.
September 7, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

When does a ticket or accident stop hurting your rates?

Question 17 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days This is a common question and one that doesn't always offer a favorable answer. Most insurance companies are going to go back 5-years for all drivers on the policy. Any infraction will impact the overall rate of the policy. This is why having a small claim can often be more costly over time than the actual dollar amount of the claim. Watch the video for more information.
August 23, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

When to buy rental car insurance

Will my New York car insurance cover a rental car? In New York, just about every personal auto policy that we have follows us when we rent a vehicle. The policy would protect you in the event that you were in an accident and caused damage to someone else or to the rented vehicle itself. A claim such as that could be put through your own insurance policy, with one caveat. The one thing it might not cover is the loss of business use associated to the car in which you were renting. For example, as a result of…
August 21, 2017
When a car suffers damage it might not take as much as you'd think to make it totaledCar InsurancePersonal Insurance

How is a car considered totaled?

Question 11 in 100 insurance Questions in 100 Days Is My Car Totaled? You've probably heard someone refer to their car as "totaled" after an accident. Perhaps you yourself have experienced the same. To many, totaled means non-drivable or completely useless... and destined for the compactor at the junk yard. Though that can be true, you might be surprised to hear that it can take very little to total a vehicle. When you carry comprehensive and/or collision insurance on your auto policy, you are insuring yourself for the actual cash value of the car. Actual cash value or ACV,…
August 17, 2017
Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Is Liability on Auto Insurance Meaningless?

Question 5 in 100 Questions in 100 Days In order to register a car in New York State, you have to first show proof of insurance. Not insurance that protects the car. The state couldn't care in the least if want to protect your vehicle. Instead they are ensuring that you have liability insurance in case you injure someone or damage something. There is a minimum amount that you are required to carry. $25,000 per person $50,000 per accident $10,000 property damage Anything beyond those limits are your responsibility. For example, if you run a stop sign and tee-bone…
August 11, 2017
You have New York auto insurance policy, but what does that little section called no fault insurance mean?Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

How do I use my No Fault Insurance coverage?

Question #3 of 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days: What is No Fault Insurance? If I were to go out and ask 10 New York drivers what the definition of no fault insurance is, I’d likely get 10 totally different answers, none of which would be fully correct. Admittedly, before I became an insurance agent, I wouldn’t have known much either. Some might think no fault insurance is some strange endorsement only purchased by a small percentage of people, when in fact it isn’t. Every New York auto policy with registered vehicles will have no fault insurance. So if…
August 9, 2017
When you borrow a car in New York State who pays in case of an accident? Call us at Horan and we'll help you understand this common questionCar InsurancePersonal Insurance

My friend crashed my car! Now what?

Question 2 of 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days This is one that I get about once every couple of weeks or more. There must be a lot more people loaning out their cars than I thought! As long as you are insured your policy will cover the claim if your friend was in an accident. Of course they had to have been given permission to drive the car first! This is how it works in New York State at least. If you should borrow someone's car, it would be wise to confirm that the insurance is in-fact current.…
August 8, 2017