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Landlord Insurance

A CNY landlord stands in front of a multi-family home for rent in Syracuse, New York.Landlord InsurancePersonal Insurance

How to Insure Your Multi-Family Home with the Right Policy

If you’re thinking of buying a multi-family house, you might be wondering how to insure it properly. A multi-family house is a property that has more than one unit, such as a duplex, triplex, or fourplex. Each unit can have its own features and amenities, which can affect the cost and coverage of your insurance policy. We understand that purchasing a multi-family home can bring new challenges and complexities, especially for first-time property owners. For that reason, it’s essential to choose an agent with experience valuing multi-family homes, as they’ll ask the right questions and gather crucial information about your…
A landlord guiding new renters through a unit in her CNY property.Landlord InsurancePersonal Insurance

10 Common Mistakes New Landlords Make When Purchasing Insurance and How to Avoid Them

As a landlord, navigating the world of insurance can be daunting, and managing a property isn’t easy. Besides insurance matters, you have to deal with tenants, maintenance, taxes, and the occasional legal issue. Then there are the misconceptions about your wealth and responsibilities. Sometimes, you have to bear the unfair stereotypes that society has about landlords. You know, the ones that paint you as a greedy, heartless, and rich person who exploits renters for profit. But we know that’s not true. We know you’re a hard-working, honest, and responsible person who provides a valuable service to your community. Otherwise, you…
A first-time CNY property owner reviews a landlord policy.Landlord InsurancePersonal Insurance

Protecting Your Investment: Why Landlord Insurance is Essential for Rental Property Owners in Central New York

Embarking on the journey of becoming a residential landlord can be a rewarding experience, as it allows you to build wealth and create an additional income stream. As you take your first steps into this new venture, it’s crucial to understand the importance of properly insuring your rental property. If you’ve decided to rent out your CNY property to tenants, you might think that your existing homeowners insurance policy will cover you in case of any damage or liability. However, this is a common misconception that can cost you a lot of money and headaches. Homeowners insurance is designed for…