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Watercraft Insurance

An insured vessel cruising comfortably with a tailored policy from one of our top 3 carriers.Personal InsuranceWatercraft Insurance

Our Top 3 Picks for Best Boat Insurance Carriers

With over 1,000 glistening lakes in the upstate New York region, along with local rivers like the Seneca, the Oswego, and the Cayuga, CNY is a boater’s paradise (at least in the summer). But with all that water comes many boats and many different insurance policies. While it’s easy to tell the difference between a pontoon and a runabout, it’s not so simple to spot the distinctions in boat coverage. Many carriers offer some version of boat insurance, but for those unfamiliar with the world of insurance, it’s like sifting through an informational haystack to find a needle. The purpose…
April 13, 2023
A boat being launched into calm CNY waters from a trailer ramp.Personal InsuranceWatercraft Insurance

4 Factors That Affect the Cost of Boat Insurance

Cruising the Seneca River or taking in a day of fishing on beautiful Lake Ontario are the daydreams of many soon-to-be boat owners. If you’re new to boating, you probably haven’t added insurance to that daydream. But it’s important not to overlook the insurance for your boat or the costs associated with the policy. Knowing what impacts those costs is also critical to avoid overspending to protect a beloved pastime like boating. But have no fear, we’ll introduce you to the four biggest factors influencing boat insurance premiums. As an agency in the middle of a river town, we’ve educated…
April 11, 2023
A CNY family enjoys a sail on the lake with peace of mind because they have proper boat insurance.Personal InsuranceWatercraft Insurance

5 Boat Insurance Mistakes First-Time Boat Buyers Make

The lure of fast CNY boats gleaming as they cut through the water, creating beautiful white wakes, is irresistible. You’ve narrowed your search for your own boat and are getting close to buying one in time for the season. You can already see yourself using one of the many waterways CNY offers. Before long, you’ll be cruising the Seneca River, skiing with your friends on Cross Lake, or spending the day with your family soaking up the sun at Sylvan Beach. But, before you set sail, take a moment to make sure you have the best insurance protection for your…
April 6, 2023