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DON’T Break Glass in Case of Emergency!

By February 6, 2018July 1st, 2022Car Insurance, Personal Insurance

Don’t Break Glass in Case of Emergency!

The sound of the car door closing behind you rings in your head, and then it happens. Keys!!


You turn and peer into the window, and there they are. Sitting like orphans on the front seat, or hanging from the ignition. Your brain goes through rapid fire scenarios and possibilities as to how you’ll resolve this. Do you:

  • Call someone at home to bring a spare key?
  • Use your roadside assistance plan?
  • Call a locksmith?
  • Grab a wire hanger?


  • Bust the window!?

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage with a zero dollar glass deductible, that could be tempting. Breaking a window is certainly the fastest way to a remedy. Perhaps that little one on the back door? That way the cold air won’t be as harsh afterward. Just reach through, unlock, and then back in business. Then call your insurance company and have the window replaced right away!


Doing so would be committing insurance fraud. I know. It hardly seemed criminal like at the time. While you won’t be hauled away in handcuffs, you’ll most likely face a non-renewal or cancellation from your insurer.


As with any insurance policy that covers one’s property, there is no coverage for intentional or willful acts that lead to a loss. When the claims representative asks how the window broke, this action will end in a denial of the claim.

Instead, if you find your keys locked in the car, refrain from the window option (unless you’re okay with replacing the glass at your cost) and try another method!