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Do I have to return license plates in NY?

By August 16, 2017July 24th, 2022Car Insurance, Personal Insurance
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Turn in your New York State license plates

For every single day that you hold on to your New York State license plates and do not have insurance coverage on those plates, then it’s $8 per day for the first 30 days that you will then have to pay as a fine to the DMV. After that, from 31 to 60 days, the fine increases to $10, and then from 61 days to 90, the fine is $12 a day. Click here for getting it directly from the horse’s mouth.

If you wish to not pay that fee, what you would have to do is both turn in the plates for the same number of days in which you held onto them without any liability coverage through your insurance company.

It’s wise to always make sure that before you take off the insurance, you have turned in the plates, or you could find out a number of months down the road that the DMV has a fine and they have also suspended your license or your registration or both.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to this. Always make sure that you receive what is called an FS-6 form or a plate surrender receipt, call your agent, turn that in, and then have the car removed. It can always be removed retroactively back to the date on which you turned in the plates.

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