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Split image showing a pristine car and the totaled version.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Why The Insurer Totaled Your Car and How it Impacts Your Insurance Claim

You love your car, but you know that it’s not getting any younger. Every year, it loses some of its value due to wear and tear, mileage, and market conditions. This can be a problem if you ever get into an accident and your car is totaled—which happens when the cost of repairing the car exceeds its value. You might end up owing more on your loan than what your insurance company will pay you for your vehicle. How can you avoid this situation and protect yourself from losing money on your car? We understand that having a totaled car…
July 14, 2023
A totaled car on the street in Central New York.Car InsurancePersonal Insurance

Comprehensive vs. Collision Insurance: What’s the Difference?

If you own a car in Central New York, you know how expensive it can be to repair or replace it after an accident or other damage. That’s why you need to have the right insurance coverage to protect your vehicle and your wallet.  But do you know the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage? And do you know which one you need for a given situation? Both comprehensive and collision coverage help pay for vehicle repairs and replacement. But the two types of coverage have their differences. Knowing those differences and the essential functions of these policy components will…
May 1, 2023
Business InsuranceBusiness Owners Insurance

How does Co-insurance work?

Question #96 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series Coinsurance on a commercial insurance policy in New York can have a serious impact on any partial or total loss. This is a critical element in the insurance policy that can not be overlooked. Please review this video explanation so that you do not get caught blindsided.
November 10, 2017