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What does Gap Insurance do?

By Auto Insurance

Question 46 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series If you’ve ever financed a vehicle and suffered a total loss early on in the loan, you might have been upside down. Okay not literally, but you might have had no car, and $3,000 bill left to pay to the bank. Insurance carriers do not base their decisions upon the balance we owe to the bank, but rather the vehicle’s current market value. Gap insurance will assist in this area. Watch the video to see more.

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Are stolen items from a car insured?

By Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renter' Insurance

Question 43 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series It is never fun to realize the car was left unlocked with many expensive items in plain sight. The iPad, iPhone, Android, golf clubs, daughter’s tuba, or all of those hard to replace CDs are in the arms of another. You look over your New York auto policy only to find that you are out of luck. There still might be hope…watch this short video to see what I mean!

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Is having a Trampoline a liability risk?

By claims, Homeowners Insurance

Could your Trampoline Bounce you into a Lawsuit? Trampoline injuries and your homeowner’s insurance are joined at the hip. As a homeowner, you might find it tempting to purchase things like a trampoline for your kids to play on. They are a lot of fun and when used correctly are usually pretty harmless. Unfortunately, correct use tends to be forgotten when friends come to play. Should one of those friends get hurt, (regardless of how or why) you, the homeowner, will be left with the financial liability. Consider the short term and long term medical needs, legal fees, pain, and…

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Do I need to do anything after an accident, even if there was no damage?

By Accidents, Auto Insurance, claims

Question 20 in 100 in Insurance Questions in 100 Days When in accident, even if it seems minor, it is still highly recommended to obtain the other driver’s information and contact the police. Yes, I realize it might seem silly to have to involve the police in a minor accident, but sometimes it is the minor ones that cause people the most headaches afterward. Watch this short video to learn more about these 2 important steps to take in the aftermath of any accident.

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When does a ticket or accident stop hurting your rates?

By Accidents, Auto Insurance, claims, Rates Prices

Question 17 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days This is a common question and one that doesn’t always offer a favorable answer. Most insurance companies are going to go back 5-years for all drivers on the policy. Any infraction will impact the overall rate of the policy. This is why having a small claim can often be more costly over time than the actual dollar amount of the claim. Watch the video for more information.

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Why is Renter’s Insurance Important?

By Renter' Insurance

Question 14 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Renter’s Insurance is one of the least expensive methods of insuring your belongings while also picking up liability protection. If you rent a home, renter’s insurance should be part of your budget. On average, it starts at about $10/mo. Watch more to learn what else it does.

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