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Does a new business have difficulty getting insurance?

By Business Insurance

Question 87 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Video Series! When beginning a new business there are many things that an owner must do. Many times the setting up of the insurance plan is an afterthought. However, this is something that should be met with extreme detail and coordination. This is the tool that will ensure your new business stays open. Getting a new policy might not be as difficult as you think.

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When does a ticket or accident stop hurting your rates?

By Accidents, Auto Insurance, claims, Rates Prices

Question 17 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days This is a common question and one that doesn’t always offer a favorable answer. Most insurance companies are going to go back 5-years for all drivers on the policy. Any infraction will impact the overall rate of the policy. This is why having a small claim can often be more costly over time than the actual dollar amount of the claim. Watch the video for more information.

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Turn in your license plates in New York state or face civil fines and possible suspension. Call Horan Companies for further information.

Is it okay to keep my New York plates?

By Auto Insurance

Question 10 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days Turn in your New York State license plates For every single day that you hold on to your New York State license plates and do not have insurance coverage on those plates, then it’s $8 per day for the first 30 days that you will then have to pay as a fine to the DMV. After that, from 31 to 60 days, the fine increases to $10, and then from 61 days to 90, the fine is $12 a day. Click here for getting it directly from the horse’s mouth. If…

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Loss of Use, is it Worth it?

By Homeowners Insurance

Question 9 in 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days! There is a portion of a New York Homeowners Insurance Policy that is often forgotten about. It is called Loss of Use or Additional Living Expense coverage. It’s the amount of money your insurance company will provide to you for expenses incurred due to living elsewhere after a claim. If you were to have a fire loss, and the home were to be uninhabitable, you would still be responsible for property taxes, insurance, and of course, any loan payments on the property. Yes, the bank will expect to be paid as…

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