Your most asked insurance questions video series.

One of the most purchased products in the country, yet one of the most misunderstood of all. Here at Horan Companies, we know how important insurance coverage is. Most of the public knows it’s important too. They just don’t know why. They don’t know what it is they are purchasing. What do all of those large numbers with all of the zeros after them mean? What does all of this insurance jargon mean? What the heck am I buying, and perhaps just as important, what didn’t I buy?

That is why we created this video series. It chronicles questions and answers over a 100 day period. It covers ground on Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Workers Compensation, and other general questions that can be associated with some or all of those.

We’ve tried to keep it simple and under 3 minutes each (though there are a couple that stretched a bit, for good reason). So, hopefully, you will find the answer you are looking for here. If not, please call us directly at 315-635-2095 or email us here.

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