Turning Insurance Quotes into Donations!

You have a never-ending challenge of increasing revenue for your organization’s mission. We see that and appreciate it. We’re here to help.

The painstaking challenge of raising funds for a not-for-profit cannot be understated. Calls, emails, texts, organizing and just getting your message heard can seem like endless effort! We get it, and we can help (at no cost to you!).

We are a local community insurance agency in Baldwinsville. Within the last few years, the state of New York has permitted insurance agencies to raise money on behalf of 501c3-filed not-for-profit organizations. Up until then, we were very limited on the ways we could help.

We have a program that has been able to assist organizations like yours with new fundraising dollars!

Donation for Quote Program
Non Profit - Volunteers at a Non Profit Sorting Through Food and Clothes Donations

What it is:

Each time you send a household our way, we give the referral fee back to your organization in the form of a donation. It’s called the Donation for Quote program. Through this strategy, we have been able to raise funds for organizations like The Rescue Mission, Baldwinsville Marching Band and ACR Health (just to name a few).

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How it works:

$25 donations! Notice the plural?!

That’s right! We’ll donate $25 for each household that contacts us for an insurance quote. There is no obligation to purchase required! Just a quote (which might even save them money and/or provide better insurance coverage)!

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Share on Social Media:

Promote the Donation for Quote program on your social media channels and encourage your followers to participate so you can increase your organization’s online engagement! Contact us and we will provide you with a link to the page that quote submissions go through as well as a short video clip you can email your contacts!