Donate $25 to Cuse Pit Crew without spending a single cent!

Get an insurance quote from us here at the Horan Companies Insurance Agency, and we’ll donate $25.00 to Cuse Pit Crew! You might even find better rates and/or coverage just by having us take a look!

Like many cities, Syracuse has seen an increase in animal abuse and neglect. Shelters are overcrowded which has resulted in amazing dogs being put to sleep. Much of the abuse and neglect has been aimed at one breed: the Pit Bull. Until recently, many well-intentioned Pit Bull owners were forced into giving up their beloved pet because of insurance restrictions. Thankfully, recent changes to the insurance law are making it easier for Pit Bulls and their adoptive parents to stay together.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and Cuse Pit Crew is actively seeking donations to continue advocating on their behalf. We’re so happy to be able to open-up our donation for quote opportunity to this awesome organization!

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Request a quote for your cars, home (including renters), boat, motorcycle, business, camp, rental property, or even that Winnebago taking up space in your driveway before March 31st!

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  • We donate $25 to Cuse Pit Crew.

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