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Neighbor’s Tree Fell on your Property? Who Pays?

By August 7, 2017February 11th, 2022Homeowners Insurance, Personal Insurance

When the Neighbor’s tree falls on your property…who pays?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if that giant ash tree of your neighbor’s decided to take a fall…onto your house? Trees are wonderful, grand specimens that mother nature has so generously provided to us. Unfortunately, every tree will eventually make its way to the ground. Unless, it gets stopped along the way.

Then what?

For those who have never had this happen, your first call might be to your neighbor to say “Good morning, your decrepit tree came down and caved in my roof last night. Let’s get your insurance agent on the phone!” Unfortunately, your neighbor’s insurance company will only look at whatever damage might have occurred to the neighbor’s property…not yours.

Once those branches crossed over that invisible line that runs straight up between your lot, and theirs, that dying ash tree became your dying (or now dead) ash tree. It will be your insurance company that will have to come and address the damage.

Since this falls on your policy, you will also be responsible for your deductible. Usually that’s $500, $1,000, or even a percentage of your home’s replacement cost. You’ll want to be familiar with the deductible amount since that comes right off the top of the repair expense.

If unable to live in your house until after the repairs are made, check the Loss of Use section of your home policy. It is there you will find out how much your company will pay for expenses you incur while living elsewhere.

So, if you have a tree that’s not looking too hot, consider taking care of it yourself before it does it for you!

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