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Have you heard that one about the exploding pipe?

By January 18, 2018February 11th, 2022Homeowners Insurance, Personal Insurance

We choose to live this way.

Maybe that’s the problem. We could all band together and begin the mass exodus out of Syracuse. Perhaps the northeast altogether? When the average high temperature resembles a pro-golfer’s score through 3 holes, things get tempting.

Alas, we will forge on and swear to never complain about the heat in August. In the meantime, let’s be sure to keep the heat on and run the water.

Bursting pipes and water damage are some of the most frequent claims in the wintertime. While a standard home insurance policy will provide coverage for such a claim, it’s still worth preventing. The best way to accomplish this is to let water drip from a faucet if you are away from home for the day. Doing so allows the water to move through the pipes. Flowing water is harder to freeze than the lazy kind.

Coming home to a mess is not a fun experience. Your insurance company will pay for the frame, but can’t replace the ruined photograph that was in it.