Liquor Store Insurance

Insuring a Liquor Store is unlike any other retail store.
Sadly, most are covered more like a tee-shirt shop.

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Is Your Liquor Store Covered?

Imagine for a moment that it’s December 10th, just a couple of weeks before Christmas morning. The next two weeks will be the most profitable period of the year. The shelves are fully stocked. The gift sets are meticulously arranged for the customer’s attention. The store is ready to capitalize on this peak time.

And then unthinkable happens.

11:00 PM, a burst pipe. Water has been gushing into the store for hours.


Without looking at your policy.
Do you know where you stand on the following?

How Long?

What are the number of days or hours that you must be unable to open before certain coverage can apply?

Loss of income protection?

Do you have any? Does it cover more than just the cost of the inventory? What about your profits?

Coverage for the seasonal inventory?

It’s the holiday season when inventory is expanded to cover demand. Does the policy automatically provide extra protection for this?

Your own improvements to the space?

If you lease the space, what about your upgrades to it? If you own the space, are you covered for those upgrades the insurance company might not know about?


That water has to be cleaned up, extracted, and fully dried out before you can reopen. How confident are you that the policy is ready to respond positively?

These are merely a handful of items that will need attention.

There are many others, and this is but one scenario of hundreds that could occur.
If you’ve read this far, you likely see that there are factors that might not have been discussed and the policy you have now could be inadequate.
Review Your Policy
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Don’t do what many business owners do

Don’t wait to verify your coverage until the day you need it!

We specialize in liquor store insurance and will review your policy. There is no cost for this service. Our team will examine the coverage against the specifics of your business and advise you accordingly. We will provide a proposal of our own as we have for so many others like you.
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